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The vocal point, the center of attention, an egotistical show of force. As a center piece, this floral arrangement must be unique and be very stylistic. This is the spot where people people want to take selfies and make as background.

Marten and Margaret Wedding

Fall Bloom at a Sacred Wedding

It was yet another sacred matrimony held at the Grand Ballroom Ritz Carton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta at 8th of February 2020.

Pernikahan Suci di Musim Gugur

Itu adalah perkawinan sakral lainnya yang diadakan di Grand Ballroom Hotel Ritz Carton Pacific Place Jakarta pada 8 Februari 2020.

Floral Monthly Subscription Ritz Carlton Pacific Place by Gria Florist

Alstromeria and Dendrobium are just right for welcoming the month of love.

During the month of February, Gria Florist chose to employ Alstromeria and Dendrobium for its monthly Floral Subscription for Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta’s Hotel Lobby and Residence Lobby.  During this opportunity we roll out four center piece floral table arrangements and two receptions table floral arrangements.

Alstromeria dan Dendrobium tepat untuk menyambut bulan cinta.

Selama bulan Februari, Gria Florist memilih untuk mempekerjakan Alstromeria dan Dendrobium untuk Langganan Bunga bulanan untuk Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel, Hotel Lobby, dan Lobby Residence Jakarta. Selama kesempatan ini kami menggelar empat rangkaian meja bunga bagian tengah dan dua meja resepsi bunga.

Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta Wedding Showroom

Fresh and Lively Brassica flower, The Right Pick for Any Joyous Wedding Occasion

Spring is just right around the corner, its just right to pick a colorful set of flowers to color your dream wedding.  Its an honor for Gria Florist to embark on a journey with The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta to decorate their Wedding Showroom located in their infamous Pacific Place Mall SCBD Jakarta.  As “the hotel to be” to get married, we are very happy and blessed that Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel chooses us to be their Florist.  During this opportunity we were asked to come up with a perfect center piece floral arrangements for VIP Round Table and round table.

Bunga Brassica yang segar dan hidup, Pilihan Tepat untuk Acara Pernikahan yang Menyenangkan

Musim semi tepat di tikungan, tepat untuk memilih set bunga berwarna-warni untuk mewarnai pernikahan impian Anda. Merupakan suatu kehormatan bagi Gria Florist untuk memulai perjalanan dengan The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta untuk mendekorasi Showroom Pernikahan mereka yang berlokasi di Pacific Place Mall SCBD Jakarta yang terkenal. Sebagai “hotel yang paling dipilih” untuk menikah, kami sangat bahagia dan diberkati bahwa Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel memilih kami untuk menjadi Florist mereka. Selama kesempatan ini kami diminta untuk membuat karangan bunga di tengah yang sempurna untuk Meja Bundar VIP dan meja bundar.

Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel: Chinese New Year Celebration

21st Floor Hotel Lobby the color of Culture & Festivities

Chinese New Year Celebration at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta by Gria Florist

January becomes a well known month where Chinese New Year becomes the overall theme after the New Year Celebration fades away.  During such festivities, almost every institution and venues alike flexed their creativity muscle in reviving the celebrated Gong Xi Fat Cai.

“Humble in tradition, classical order is just right for 2020.”

We are proud to be one of the decorator that are entrusted by Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel Jakarta to aid them in recreating the nuances and its joyfulness in a Center Piece decorations located on their 21st Hotel Lobby.


Ritz Carlton Pacific Place – Gong Xi Fat Cai 2020

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 – Gong Xi Fat Cai

Ritz Carlton Pacific Palace Restaurant Main Center Piece

During the first week of January 2020 we have received a brief from Ritz Carton Pacific Place Hotel Restaurant division in aiding them to make a simple gesture to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year.

“This year they wishes everybody good fortunes, hence the Angpau envelope is our main decorative attention with dry willow branches as the arrangement piece.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-11 at 10.14.15

Center Piece | Central Point

The perfect photo spot for any selfie hunter.

A true master in catching all the right attention.

As a center piece, or some people may call it as Central Point, this is the first place that either make the room or break the room.  As pleasant as it may look, this is where any institution place more of their attention to.

“This is the facade or a show boutique of any venue.”

We are proud to produces series of center pieces for hotel, weddings and any event.  The arrangements are varies in color, price and even concept, its all about how the client want to create the ambience.  Some wants to go all out so it becomes the vocal point of the room, and many just wanted to be subtle but still it steals the attention so people want to take selfies.